Customer Education Module

Interactive Needs Identifier
Our client's customers were buying insurance without knowing how much insurance cover they needed, and what kind of plans they needed to buy to protect themselves amply. Due to this, during the claims process, many customers complained of not having sufficient knowledge of what they were covered for.
The challenge

The challenge

Educate our client's customers about insurance and the kind of insurance cover they needed.

The target audience

The target audience

External customers for an insurance company.

Our solution

Our solution

Interactive Needs Identifier

We designed a 30 minute long interactive online course that helped customers create their own insurance plan, based on their needs. While they created a customized plan suited to their needs, they also learned about insurance. The key features of this e-learning course were that:

  • It was highly interactive.
  • It served a dual purpose of:
    • Helping learners create a customized insurance plan suited for their needs.
    • Educating them about insurance and different types of plans available for their needs.
  • It was launched via the customer's Website, via advertisements in LinkedIn, and other social media sites.
  • It was highly engaging and effective.


 All business managers in the company loved the course so far. We want our agents to also use this course when they go out to sell insurance to our customers"

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